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Important Preliminary Dates (As of October 15, 2021 -- Note: Dates may shift)

15 October 2021 - First Call for Abstracts

15 January 2022 - Early registration opens

15 February 2022 - Abstract submission deadline

15 April 2022 - Technical Paper submission for review deadline

15 May 2022 - Notification of acceptance or revisions for technical papers

15 June 2022 - Publication copy deadline and final acceptance of revised technical papers

August 15-18, 2022 - ICETECH 2022 Conference

Opening Evening - Conference Opening - Welcome and Icebreaker Reception

First Day - Day 1 of sessions

Second Day - Day 2 of sessions

Third Day - Day 3 of sessions and conference closing

Marine technology for the changing world ice regimes

The ICETECH conferences focus on performance of ships and structures in ice, including icebreaking ships, ice resistant structures, and various operations in cold and icy marine environments. Today we see new technological challenges due to shifting global climate and environmental patterns, set within an evolving sense of societal expectations and responsibilities.

ICETECH conferences have covered the following topics:

  • Implications of climate change to design and operation of ships and structures in marine and inland ice.

  • Studies and characterization of climate change effects on ice regimes and coastal environments.

  • Icebreaking ships: naval architecture, propulsion, construction, and marine operations.

  • Development of autonomous navigation, green propulsion, silent cruising, and other innovations.

  • Structures in ice/iceberg populated waters, new challenges with climate change.

  • Construction and logistics in ice-covered areas, provisions for changing ice regimes.

  • Ice management, current practices, methods for climate change effects like pack ice invasions.

  • New offshore developments in ice-covered areas with provision for climate change effects.

  • Subsea pipelines and facilities in ice, effects of permafrost reduction.

  • Marine systems for offshore drilling and production operations in ice and iceberg regimes.

  • Codes, regulations and standards, including new requirements for emissions, noise, and hydrodynamic.

  • Ice conditions, forecasting and remote sensing, future ice condition prediction.

  • Reduction of climate change effects on ice cover, iceberg and pack dynamics, permafrost.

  • Safety, risk and environmental protection, methods of dealing with climate change effects.

  • Escape, Evacuation and Rescue (EER)

  • Arctic Geopolitics


Visit ICETECH history for an overview of past conferences. Proceedings of previous ICETECH conferences (since 2006) are available for purchase - download the Order Form.

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