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Dr Dan Masterson remembered

July 3, 1944 - October 20, 2019

SNAME Fellow with a lasting legacy.

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Hosted by: the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) - Arctic Section

Previous ICETECHs took place in:

   2014,  20122010, 2008, 2006, 2000, 1994, 1990, 1984, and 1981/1975


ICETECH 14 - 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Performance of Ships and Structures in Ice

Banff, Alberta, Canada  28-31 July 2014

ICETECH 2014 took advantage of Banff's splendid summer weather. 163 delegates from Canada and around the world attended the conference, participating in the technical sessions, the panels, and ICETECH’s social events. The Banff Centre, nestled amidst the beauty and splendor of the Canadian Rockies, proved to once again be the ideal host venue. Approximately 20 people took part in the Accompanying Persons Program.  

ICETECH is grateful for the support of our generous sponsors: Gold - Chevron, ConocoPhillips Canada; Silver - ABS Americas, Lloyd's Register, Stena Drilling; Bronze - Arctia Shipping, DNV GL, Vard Marine Inc. Our sponsors are crucial contributors to the success of ICETECH by providing funding to enhance events and facilities. Many of our sponsors have been with us for previous ICETECHs, and we thank them for their continued commitment. We gratefully acknowledge the support and dedication of SNAME in the realization of this exciting and successful event.

The exhibition portion of the conference, with 8 exhibitors, facilitated networking with leading offshore commercial organizations. The 2014 exhibitors were: ABB Marine and Cranes, Advanced Mat Systems, ARKTOS Developments Ltd, ASL Environmental Sciences Inc, Informa Maritime Events, ION - Concept Systems Limited, National Research Council of Canada, SNAME.

The theme and subject areas of the conference complement the growing interest in Arctic shipping and in oil, gas and mineral exploration and production in Arctic offshore regions. In 2014 we drew attention to the importance of climate change on Arctic operations – hence: looking to the future in a warming world. There were 7 plenary and 50 technical presentations, covering a wide range of specialty topics within our theme of performance in ice, with emphasis on icebreaking ships, ice resistant structures, and operations in ice. These were presented during the conference by authors from around the globe. The 2014 Post-Conference Proceedings, whenever possible, contain both a manuscript and presentation for each technical paper, as well as summaries of the two conference workshops: (1) Arctic EER and (2) Climate Change Implications. Additionally, the film "Chasing Ice" was screened and was highly regarded by our audience.

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   ICETECH 2014 Conference Program


ICETECH 12 - 10th International Conference and Exhibition on Performance of Ships and Structures in Ice

Banff, Alberta, Canada  17-20 September 2012

ICETECH 2012 had excellent participation from our delegates, presenters, panelists, sponsors, and exhibitors. The fall weather in Banff was perfect, making the conference even more enjoyable. 60 technical and plenary presentations were given, covering a wide range of specialty topics within our theme of performance in ice, with emphasis on icebreaking ships, ice resistant structures, and operations in ice. In addition to our plenary and technical presentations, a special opening session was held on Monday September 17 - World Maritime Day Observance: One Hundred Years after the Titanic, which was hosted by the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) and Transport Canada. Additionally, two panels were held on Canadian Arctic Sovereignty (Sept 18) and Arctic Design in a Warming World (Sept 19). A post-conference workshop covered "Rebuilding Canada's Arctic Offshore Petroleum Industry Cluster" (Sept 20). The social and accompanying persons programs ensured opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Banff National Park and an introduction to traditional and contemporary local culture. 

The conference hosted 177 technical delegates and 20 accompanying persons, 11 sponsors, 10 exhibitors. 7 plenary and 53 technical papers were presented, with authors hailing from 9 different nations.

A special thank you to our ICETECH 2012 sponsors: Gold: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, NAMEPA, Silver: Arctia Offshore, BP Exploration Operating Company Limited, DNV, Shell Exploration & Production, Stena Drilling, and Bronze: EBA, Lloyd's Register.

The 2012 Exhibitors were ABB Oy Marine & Cranes, Advance Mat Systems Inc, Arctia Offshore Oy, ARKTOS Developments Ltd, Arno Keinonen Arctic Consulting Inc, ASL Environmental Sciences Inc, Canatec International Associates Ltd, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd - A Tetra Tech Company, Informa Maritime Events, and SNAME.

     ICETECH 2012 Photo Gallery                                             ICETECH 2012 Program

Titanic PROGRAM (from Monday, Sept 17, 2012)          Accompanying Persons 2012 Program

Left to right: Frank Bercha (Co-Chair), Roger Pilkington (Papers and Program), Karen Muggeridge (Arctic Section Chair, 2010-2012), Mohamed ElSeify (Program),  Merv Edgecombe (Exhibition and Arctic Section Chair, 2012-2014), Susan Bercha (Secretariat)
Not available for photo: Alex Brovkin (Co-Chair), Dave McGonigal (Treasurer), Ben Seligman (Sponsors),


Click images below for enlarged view.
Then Arctic Section Chair and others line dance at ICETECH-12 Western performers at ICETECH-12

Hiking near Banff

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ICETECH 10 - 9th International Conference and Exhibition on Performance of Ships and Structures in Ice

Anchorage, Alaska, USA   20-23 September 2010

ICETECH 2010 held in Anchorage, Alaska at the Hotel Captain Cook from September 20 to 23 was a resounding success, meeting and exceeding expectations in number of delegates, quality of papers, and overall seamless and enjoyable operation! It was organized and hosted by the Arctic Section of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) in conjunction with Alaska’s Institute of the North (ION) headquartered in Anchorage. It was co-chaired by Frank Bercha (SNAME), Nils Andreassen (ION), and Lawson Brigham (University of Fairbanks), and made possible with the hard work of the organizing committee identified below.

The conference hosted 211 technical delegates and 28 accompanying persons, 19 sponsors, 18 exhibitors. 7 plenary and over 50 technical papers from 10 different countries were presented. An exciting social and accompanying persons program was offered.

The technical program each day began with plenary papers covering the ice risk management, a perspective on offshore arctic developments, changing Arctic ice conditions, Arctic EER, shipping regulatory framework, and one on Norwegian and one on Russian arctic history. Two specialty panels were held, one on Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA) and one on Arctic Escape Evacuation and Rescue (EER).

Use the links below to view the conference program and highlights.

  ICETECH 10 Program (2.9MB)                        ICETECH 10 Technical Schedule (37KB)

ICETECH 10 Abstracts (247 KB)                             ICETECH 10 Photo Gallery

The ICETECH 10 Organizing Committee:

Left to right: Dave McGonigal (Treasurer), Nancy Hemsath (Coordinator), Ben Seligman (Sponsors), Merv Edgecombe (Program), Alex Brovkin (Papers), Frank Bercha (Co-Chair), Leo Blas (Treasurer), John Cologgi (Liaison), Nils Andreassen (Co-Chair), Dick Prentki (Papers)
Inset: Orson Smith (Papers), Susan Bercha (Secretariat), Lawson Brigham (Co-Chair)
Not available: Dick Prentki (Papers)

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 ICETECH 08 - 8th International Conference and Exhibition on Performance of Ships and Structures in Ice

Banff, Alberta, Canada   20-23 July 2008

 The ICETECH 08 conference positively exceeded expectations with over 175 delegates attending, full sponsor and exhibitor subscription, over 50 technical papers presented, and an exciting social and accompanying persons program. The technical program, the events, the setting, and the attendees made not just a technically sound event, but also very enjoyable! The technical program each day began with two plenary papers, including: the changing Arctic; evolution of offshore safety regulations and practices; naval architecture developments for the Arctic; escape, evacuation, and rescue (EER); and current major offshore Arctic projects and developments. Workshops on EER and Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA) rounded out the technical program. Use the links below to view conference program and highlights.

  Icetech 08 Program
(455 KB)                 Icetech 08 Photo Gallery               Icetech 08 Video Gallery

The ICETECH 08 Organizing Committee:

Left to right: Ben Seligman, Roger Pilkington, Alex Brovkin, Colin Revill, Frank Bercha (Chair), David McGonigal, Merv Edgecombe, Karen Muggeridge

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ICETECH 06 - 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Performance of Ships and Structures in Ice

Banff, Alberta, Canada   16-19 July 2006

The ICETECH06 conference was held in Banff, Canada, July 16 to 19, 2006, and surpassed previous records, with over 160 delegates attending, full sponsor and exhibitor subscription, over 50 technical papers presented, and an exciting social and accompanying persons program. The presentation program, the events, the setting, and the attendees just made it a very enjoyable and technically sound event! Highlights of the ’06 conference and the program are shown under the ICETECH06 HIGHLIGHTS link below. Thanks to all those who contributed to the ’06 resounding success – to the sponsors and exhibitors, the organizing committee and audiovisual team, to the Banff Centre staff, and most of all, to the delegates and accompanying persons who ensured its success.

  IceTech06 Highlights (4.0 MB WMV)                                      Icetech 06 Program (973 KB)

Some of the members of ICETECH 06 Organizing Committee at a planning meeting

Left to right: David McGonigal, Connie Carruthers, Colin Revill, Frank Bercha (Chair), Chris Hill


Click images below for enlarged view.

ICETECH-06 Committee members show Alpine style! Performers dressed Alpine during ICETECH-06 ICETECH-06 Chair on a sunny fall day in Banff National Park

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ICETECH 2000 - 6th International Conference on Performance of Ships and Marine Structures in Cold Regions

St. Petersburg, Russia   12-14 September 2000

Hosted by:
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers - Artic Section, Canada and
Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, Russia, in association with
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russia
Central Marine Research and Design Institute, Russia

The following conference themes defined the ICETECH’2000 conference:

A.  The Northern Sea Route:  The scientific, engineering and technological challenges for the design, construction and navigation of vessels using the Northern Sea Route in the 21st Century.
B.  Vessel and Structure Design:  Recent Achievements in the research, design and building of ships and marine structures for cold regions.
C.  Vessel and Structure Operations:  Experience in the use and operation of new icebreakers and transportation systems in ice-covered waters.
D.  Environment and Codes:  The environment of cold regions and development of Regulations and Codes for safe and efficient operations.

Over a hundred technical papers and technical reports were presented during this conference.

The following companies and organizations provided sponsorship for ICETECH 2000 Conference:
     -Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, Russia
     -Bercha International Inc., Canada
     -Cautley Enterprises Inc., Canada
     -Fortum Oil and Gas OY, Finland
     -Canatec Consultants Ltd., Canada
     -R&B Falcon, USA

ICETECH 2000 Photo Gallery

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ICETECH '94, the Fifth International Conference on Ships and Marine Structures
in Cold Regions

Westin Hotel, Calgary, Alberta, Canada      March 16-18, 1994

ICETECH ’94 marked a significant expansion in the ICETECH conference format.
ICETECH’94 consisted of three full days worth of concurrent technical sessions, registration, receptions, different social events and optional Tour of Banff National Park.
An Accompanying Persons’ Program was also arranged.

The following Topics/Themes were used for ICETECH ’94 technical sessions:
  - Design Building Blocks
  - Vessel Design
  - Vessel Operations
  - Icebreaker for the Northwest Passage
  - Comparison of Design Concepts and their Operational Consequences

Twenty three (23) technical papers were presented during this conference and two technical keynote addresses during lunch breaks.

The following companies / organizations provided sponsorship for Icetech’94 Conference:
  - Amoco Canada Petroleum Corporation
  - Amoco Eurasia Petroleum Company
  - Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd.
  - Canarctic Shipping Company Limited
  - Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Government of Canada
  - Det Norske Veritas
  - Kvaerner Masa Marine Inc.
  - Melville Shipping Ltd.
  - Osborne Propellers, Ltd.
  - Sandwell Inc.
  - Canadian Coast Guard, Northern Region
  - Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Displays were presented by several companies during the time of conference.

Icetech’94 Conference was chaired by Dr. Dan Masterson.

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               Dan Masterson Remembered

July 3, 1944 - October 20, 2019

Dr. Dan Masterson was inducted as a Fellow of SNAME in December 2014. He served as the ICETECH 1994 Chair. Dan was well known in the Arctic offshore industry. His career spanned over 40 years, with numerous unique accomplishments and innovations. His mentoring of those new to the industry was much appreciated over the years. The SNAME Arctic Section hosted an Induction Ceremony in Calgary on December 1, 2014. Colleagues, friends and family took part in the ceremony and celebration. Dan's book, the Story of Offshore Arctic Engineering, is available via Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Dan is deeply missed by colleagues and all those he mentored and inspired.

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March 2015:  Dan Masterson received the the First Arctic Technology Conference "Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals"

Dr. Dan Masterson, long-term SNAME member from the SNAME Arctic Section, was deservedly recognized as the first recipient of the Arctic Technology Conference (ATC) award. Dr. Masterson was a pioneering leader for over 40 years in arctic and ice engineering and sciences. His work, now codified in the primary standards for arctic offshore design and construction, enables offshore exploration operations. Dan was honoured at the 2015 Arctic Technology Conference, March 23-25 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


ICETECH '90, Fourth International Conference on Ships and Marine Systems
in Cold Regions

Calgary, Alberta, Canada     March 1990

The Arctic Section’s fourth ICETECH conference, held during March 1990 in Calgary, Canada, built upon the success of the ICETECH 84 conference, with nearly double the number of technical papers (28) presented in 1990.

The event was again hosted by the Calgary-based Arctic Section of SNAME. At the conference, 28 papers were presented and largely published in the proceedings. The main volume contains 24 papers. The supplemental volume contains the conference opening speech by R.A. Quail (then Assistant Deputy Minister, Transport Canada), discussion transcripts for all the papers in the main volume, and 4 papers that were not included in the main volume.

The 28 papers given at this conference included papers on physical modeling of ships in ice and pressure ridges, effect of ship-ice friction, full scale testing of ships, operational experience with several ships (Mudyug, MV Arctic, Oden), design of a new icebreaker, impact loads on structures and ships, modeling ice class shafting systems, propulsion machinery concepts for icebreakers, transit route analyses, arctic corrosion problems, rules for icebreaking vessels including the Canadian Arctic Shipping Pollution Prevention Regulations (CASPPR) and a revision of these regulations, materials aspects for arctic vessels, design criteria for rudders, steering gears, nozzles and rudder ice knives for arctic vessels, and the application of numerical ship icing models in ship design.

Pictures below show the participants enjoying an afternoon on the SS Moyer on the Glenmore Reservoir, a dammed artificial lake in the centre of Calgary. Shortly after these pictures were taken, the SS Moyer and ICETECH guests were buffeted by strong winds that suddenly came up, as can happen in Calgary. Fortunately the ship captain took charge of the situation, and calmed everyone down and successfully returned to dock!

The organization was facilitated by Roger Pilkington, Colin Revill, and Ron Ritch. Corporate support was provided by Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd, and several other corporate sponsors.

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ICETECH '84, Third International Conference on Icebreaking & Related Technologies
Calgary, Alberta, Canada      May 16-18, 1984

This was the first ICETECH hosted by the newly formed SNAME Arctic Section, whose members had played a significant role in opening the Beaufort Sea to offshore exploration over the preceding decade. His Excellency the Right Honourable Edward Schreyer, Governor General of Canada, officially opened ICETECH 84, a modest but professional function which offered 14 technical papers to approximately 45 assembled delegates. A letter of introduction was received by the mayor of Calgary at the time, Mr. Ralph Klein. The closing remarks were by His Honour Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Mr. Frank Lynch-Staunton. Chair of the event was Dusty R. Miller.

Papers covered the design and construction of arctic structures, the design and evaluation of ice breaking ships and ice structure interaction models, ice risk analysis, properties of a new model ice, ship transit models and ice cutters to cut though the ice for stationary floating production or drilling structures.  The final paper was on the use of steel and concrete in Arctic structures.

The ICETECH organizing committee, in addition to Chair Dusty Miller, consisted of Wim Jolles as vice chair, Alex Brydon and John Wainwright – treasurers, Kin Fue Fee – secretary, Ron Ritch – papers, Justin Brinkhuysen – registration, and Jakub Ciring – translations, and Chet Parry – sound.

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SNAME ICETECH Predecessors

Ice Tech '81: Second International Conference on Icebreaking & Related Technologies

This conference occurred shortly after the Manhattan made its epic journey through the North West Passage. There were several papers on the structural aspects of icebreaking ships. The conference was staged in Ottawa, Canada.

 Ice Tech 1975:  First Symposium on Icebreaking & Related Technologies

This event was hosted by the Eastern Canadian Section of SNAME and held in Montreal, Canada during April of 1975. There were 15 papers on icebreaker propulsion, ship resistance in ice and mush ice, hull impact loads, modeling, scaling system for modeling in ice, improvement to ice breaking by air cushion technology, ice structure interaction, a design for Baltic Icebreaker, and powering of ships for operations.

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